Welcome to Maidstone .co.uk, your guide to the beautiful town of Maidstone, the county town of Kent. Maidstone is large town situated in the heart of Kent with a population of around 140,000. It has excellent shopping facilities, a vibrant cafe, restaurant and pub culture and has the beautiful Kent countryside on its doorstep. If you're new to Maidstone, scroll down for a quick introduction to the town.

History of Maidstone

All about Maidstone's history, covering its early history in Neolithic times, Maidstone's town charter, the Civial War battle that took place in Maidstone, its growth during the industrial revolution, and more.

Geography of Maidstone

Maidstone's importance as a settlement has been thanks to its rivers. The River Medway and its conjuction with the Rivers Teise and Beult were important for trade, while the Loose Stream and River Len powered numerous watermills.

Transport in Maidstone

Being Kent's county town, Maidstone has long since been an important destination. Read on for details on Maidstone's main transport links via road, bus, rail and river.

Maidstone's Economy

Maidstone was once an important centre for trade and industry. Nowadays the economy has changed from predominantly heavy industry to light industry and service industries, with a high concentration of firms in the paper and packaging industry.

Maidstone Tourist Attractions

Maidstone offers a blend of history, culture, leisure and entertainment with its intriguing history, its excellent shopping facilities and its close proximity to the beautiful Kentish countryside.

Maidstone Shopping

With over one million square feet of retail floor space, Maidstone is ranked in the south-east of Englandís top five shopping centres for shopping revenue.


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Maidstone is an attractive town on the banks of the river Medway in Kent, 30 miles east of London.

Due to its riverside location the town has a long history of breweries and paper mills, and to this day Maidstone is strongly linked to the paper trade - Europe's largest paper recycling plant lies on the edge of town.

Maidstone is among the busiest shopping towns in the south east of England with its excellent shopping facilities. The town has two main shopping centres, Fremlin Walk and The Mall Maidstone and several streets of shops with major high street brands side by side with local boutique shops. Maidstone's shopping centres and shopping streets combine to form a shopping extravaganza extending to over a million square feet!

The town is also home to many financial and consultancy firms, making use of extensive office space in the business district.

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